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- Keeon Minors
Bermuda-inspired Restaurants Weeks 2021 celebrates 10th anniversary
Stretching four weeks instead of three to mark the milestone, Restaurant Weeks 2021—January 14 through February 11—celebrates memorable culinary experiences island-wide.
- Julie
The Bermuda Monetary Authority fines Crown Global  Insurance over anti-money laundering failures
The Bermuda Monetary Authority has fined two life insurers – Crown Global Life Insurance Ltd. and Crown Global Life Insurance (Bermuda) Ltd. – US$400,000 for…
- Keeon Minors
Together with the UNESCO World Heritage Fund, the BTA supported the Friends of St Peter’s by sponsoring the construction of the pathway and purchase of a commemorative bronze plaque now erected at the graveyard’s entrance.
- Keeon Minors
The island’s food-harvest heroes will star in the 10th anniversary of Bermuda Restaurant Weeks, beginning January 14, 2021, the Bermuda Tourism Authority announced today. Local restaurants are encouraged to register for next year’s promotion which, for the first time, will be four weeks long to commemorate the first decade milestone.
- Jeffrey Finegan
Bermuda – Quo Fata Ferunt
As crazy as the world may at times be, there will always be Bermuda. And for me, that is my personal ‘Quo Fata Ferunt.’
- Keeon Minors
5 Ways to Warm Up a Cold Email Lead
5 Ways to Warm Up a Cold Email LeadWith every new email lead comes the hope of a new professional relationship, for both your network and your direct business. Many a times these leads become unresponsive or simply just disappear.
- Keeon Minors
3 SEO Tips to Improve Your Keyword Research
KeywordAlthough you may not always notice them, keywords play an integral role when it comes to helping a small business get found online. So let’s get to it by breaking down the long and short (tail) of it.
- Keeon Minors
7 Proven Tricks to Increase Your Email Marketing ROI
Email marketing roiOnline marketers include email marketing in their tool kit as it is proven to fetch the highest ROI for their business.
- Keeon Minors
What is Online Reputation Management?
Online Reputation ManagementOnline reputation management is a part of a greater digital marketing strategy that works alongside review management, business listings, paid search/ads, social media management and SEO to help your business stay competitive and relevant online.
- Keeon Minors
Enormous Benefits of Using YouTube for Your Business
youtubeNot certain if YouTube can help develop your business? Here are 8 advantages that YouTube can give to your business.
- Joy Chen
Lessons Learned from Launching a Skincare Brand in a Pandemic
Despite the difficulties, the pandemic has provided opportunities to develop new solutions for a new world.
- Paul L. Gunn, Jr
Starting a Business Post-COVID: Your Three-Year Plan
Formulate a clear business plan accounting for acquiring a good online customer base.
- John Rampton
7 Steps to a Perfectly Written Business Plan
Your business plan is how investors and potential partners see that you know everything you can about your industry.
- R.L. Adams
7 Realistic Ways to Make Money Online
From leveraging the app economy to blogging, the Internet offers a variety of opportunities for raking in money.
- Ademola Alex Adekunbi
9 Steps to Craft a Perfect Business Name
Customer perception is a major part of any success, and getting your business name right is the first step to building a solid brand to attract customers and increase revenues.
- Farhana Rahman
How to Start a Podcast (and Keep It Going)
Two successful podcasters share their formula for dishing out consistently viral content.
- Hume Johnson, Ph.D.
Don't Just Sell Yourself, Communicate Your Value: 6 Valuable Tips
Both job seekers and employees must find effective ways to demonstrate their finer qualities and talents and be recognized as quality candidates who can add value to their niche.
- Gil Peretz
Never Zoom Alone
Channel your inner superhero to create compelling and unforgettable virtual presentations.
- Entrepreneur en Español
4 trends that will mark digital marketing in 2021
One of the biggest challenges advertisers and media will face in 2021 is being able to communicate with consumers and transact effectively in a cookie-free world.
- Asim Mughal
5 Digital Advertising Tips That You Need to Know
Read this before beginning any online promotional campaigns.